Photo Booth Cost Guide in Seattle

Photo Booth Cost Guide in Seattle

How much do wedding photo booth rentals cost?
There are lots of different items that you can rent for your wedding, with photo booths being among the most popular and well-known. Photo booths provide a fun non-dancing activity for you and your guests—and the photos can double as favors as well! On average, most couples in the U.S. spend between $2,925 to $5,000 on wedding rentals, with photo booth starting prices coming in at about $1551 for a three-hour package.

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Why should I have a wedding photo booth?
While dancing is fun, some of your guests might not want to hit the dance floor for your entire reception—and some folks are just not dancers at all. Therefore, it’s a good idea to offer an alternative activity to entertain your loved ones so they’re not just sitting at their tables watching others dance. Photo booths are ideal because they serve a dual purpose—offering your guests some non-dancing entertainment and providing a take-home favor at the same time. Photo booths are ideal for guests of all ages, from your littlest flower girl and ring bearer to your college buds to your great-aunts and grandparents.

How do I rent a photo booth for my wedding?
There are a variety of ways to rent a photo booth. Some companies solely specialize in photo booth rentals, but you can also rent photo booths from certain larger event rental companies, or even DJs or photographers. We recommend researching this aspect of your wedding at least five months before your big day to ensure that you get the best photo booth prices. Read online reviews of photo booths and rental companies near you to learn more about other customers’ experiences with their weddings, and be sure to do your research on each company’s offerings and their wedding rental costs. Remember that you are renting your photo booth by the hour, so the more time you would like your photo booth to be present at your wedding, the higher your photo booth rental prices will be.

Are there different types of photo booths that I can rent?
Turns out there are many types of photo booths that are available to rent for your wedding—it all depends on your style and venue constraints. These photo booth types include the following:

Open-air photo booth: No booth required here! With this option, a camera is placed on a tripod or table and guests can control when the photos are taken.
Old-school photo booth: This is the type of photo booth that you’re most familiar with. Crowd into a booth, make some silly faces, and then wait for a printout of your images.
Slow-motion video booth: Instead of taking still photos, these booths provide your guests with slow-motion videos that they can post on social media.
GIF-maker photo booth: Everyone loves a good GIF, and these booths allow your guests to star in their own short animated clips to share with all their followers.
Flipbook photo booth: If you and your partner are the nostalgic types, then these photo booths are for you. These booths take a series of photos and create a fun flipbook that makes a cool favor, too!
360-degree photo booth: You’ve probably seen these on the red carpet, but these photo booths make a great addition to weddings as well! Some photo booth companies offer multi-camera photo booths to capture well-dressed guests from every angle.
Green screen photo booth: Green screen photo booths allow your guests to choose a fun or funny backdrop to truly personalize their images.

What photo booth items are available for rent?
Usually, a photo booth cost will include the actual photo booth and an attendant, plus setup and breakdown. However, there are other related items and accessories that your photo booth rental cost may include or can be added on as an additional fee. Your photo booth company may also offer the following extras:

Custom backdrops: Some photo booth companies will work with your florist or wedding planner to create a unique backdrop for your booth (there are also DIY options if you’d prefer!). Your photo booth company might also have green screens available, so your guests can choose their own backdrops.
CD or DVD of all images: While your guests will likely receive a copy of their photos (either via a printout or a digital file), you’ll probably want to see all of the images that were taken in your photo booth throughout your wedding—it’s a fun way to relive the night and catch up on all of your guests’ antics!
Flipbooks: If you’re having a flipbook photo booth, you’ll need to pay a fee for the printed books, which also double as favors.
Prints: Most photo booths provide your guests with printouts of their images, either in an old-school photo strip or a single image.
Props (these include masks, signage, and more): Some photo booth companies provide silly props to add a fun touch to your guests’ photo booth experience.
Social media integration: This allows you and your guests to easily post your photo booth images on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook!

What are some tips for having a photo booth at my wedding?
Figure out set up and break down: Talk to your photo booth company about how long they’ll need to both setup and break down the photo booth. You’ll want to ensure that they have access to your venue for as long as they’ll need to make sure that everything is working properly.
Hire an attendant: If possible, there should be an attendant on hand to ensure that the photo booth is working properly and manage crowd control (things might get a little rowdy after a few drinks!). Some photo booths are pretty self-sufficient and don’t require an extra hand, but talk to your photo booth company to see if having a staffer at your wedding is needed or would be helpful.
Choose the right location: Scout your venue in advance and choose an appropriate location for your photo booth. There will likely need to be a power source and enough room for the booth itself and for guests to line up comfortably. Usually, photo booths are stationed just outside your main event space to provide a bit of distance between the booth and the music. If this is the case, be sure to provide signage so that guests know where the booth is located. However, if your reception room is large enough, you may choose to put your photo booth in your main event space. Talk to your venue coordinator to find out what other couples have done in the past.
Time it right: Your photo booth should be available during your cocktail hour and throughout most of your reception. However, you may choose to “close” your photo booth during important moments during the evening, like the first dance and the toasts, so that all of your guests will be present during these times. Talk to your photo booth company and attendant to see if closing your photo booth would be appropriate during certain points of the reception.
Don’t miss out: Yes, we know you’ll be pretty busy during your wedding reception—dancing, mingling with guests, trying to scarf down some food, etc.—but try to steal away for a few moments to take some cute shots with your new spouse in the photo booth. Not only does this totally count as taking some alone time during your big day, but you’ll also have the cute snaps as a memory.

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